Let’s bring back house shows!

Last night we had one of our the most fun show’s we’ve ever had… in my basement.  Our New York friends, The Please Please Me who had so kindly hosted us in their city, needed a place to play in St. Louis and I couldn’t find the right venue for a Sunday night…. so we made one!  I decided to just have a house party and ask everyone to just, bring over a snack to share or some drinks and whatever they could afford to donate/buy merch from the touring band.  I really wasn’t sure how it would all work out…..

It ended up being a great time, we had a light show, unique bands, and even a fog machine.  The basement was pure smoke and lights and music and it was beautiful! It was the kind of party I used to have to be sneaked into as a late teenager and had that same kind of magical feel.

I can’t wait to host another!

Visit our facebook page for pictures!  Our new show is in Granite City, Il for the Toad Road Music festival which we are really looking forward to!

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