#TDCdoNYC- day one

Wow! In two days, five of the seven official The Defeated County members crammed our gear into a rental van and made it to from St. Louis to New York.  Other members will be flying in to meet us.  Being here is surreal and beautiful!  The drive was a lot of laughing, some tears, a little blood, and a lot of gas, BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!   I have never been anywhere in New York before, much less upper Manhattan and I just about peed myself in as our drummer navigated us through the brutal New Jersey and Pennsylvania turnpikes.

We’re staying in a small but comfy air bnb in Harlem.  The lights and people here seem pretty magical!  Today we pretty much just had time to get settled in and check out the few blocks around us, but tomorrow we get to really explore!

OH more importantly, Tomorrow, we take the stage at The Sidewalk Cafe with our friends The Please Please Me, Kilan, and Jes Justices.  The show starts around 9 and We’d sure love to see you!!

Thanks for your support

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